Friday, July 13, 2012

Jag älskar allt Svenskt

What began as a dreary day in the office (I had work to do. I was feeling restless and utterly bored out of my mind staring at the computer) turned out pretty exciting. Exciting is subjective since I find joy in the littlest things. Could be good or bad, depending on how you see things.

I love finding awesome new (sometimes they're old, just that I took a longer time to realize they're around) bands. I did some research on independent record labels. Googled Labrador Records. I literally spent the whole afternoon listening to a myriad of Swedish bands.

I instantly fell in love with this song by [ingenting] - even made it my ringtone. 

I love the band name. It essentially means, 'nothing' in Swedish.

And I dig this so much. I kept listening to it over and over again. Too awesome.

It's 2am and I need sleep. But I keep thinking of all the Swedish bands I discovered and rediscovered (Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - I love them!) and I'm wide awake. Drats.