Monday, July 11, 2011


Discovering Chief was a chance encounter.

The awesome thing about YouTube: you look for a particular video. You see similar fabulous videos on the right. It's up to you to click at random. And on days like these - if you're lucky like me, you'll stumble upon a kickass band. My favourite type of activity. Finding bands almost accidentally.

Chief, a four piece band from California is a mix of a few bands, I feel (can't really put a finger on it yet though - I need to listen to them more, I guess?). Not necessarily a bad thing. I happen to dig the amalgamation of sounds in a new band. Well, unless they're trying too hard. Not in this case though.

When you appear
I know I won't be here
I just cant live in fear
Every night and day

La Blogotheque a.k.a one of my MOST favourite music website ever, did a Take Away Show with the band. SO MUCH WIN.

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