Thursday, July 14, 2011

Twee Like Me

Dear Elefant Records,

I love you.

Yours Sincerely,

I love Twee. I really do.

What is Twee?
Something that is sweet, almost to the point of being sickeningly so.

Fine with me.

I love anything and everything Twee. It's happy music for sad people. To put it across blindly. I don't think happy people listen to happy music. It'll just make them delirious right?

Going back to my 'love letter' to Elefant Records. Refer above. I truly need to thank them for existing. For feeding my love for Twee. That's one of the best place to get albums. Twee or not. Especially those that are not readily available here in Singapore. Bummer. I've embraced the fact that I need to spend more for the things that I love. Most of the time, I need to do alot of scouring.

The School is under Elefant Records. No surprises.

You can listen to their debut album, Loveless Unbeliever HERE.

Tell me you didn't bop your head from side to side when listening to this song. Are you sure you didn't even smile for awhile? C'mon! Twee makes everyone happy! Right?

I'm happy.

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