Friday, June 24, 2011

I FOUND A BAND: Tashaki Miyaki

I get really giddy when I discover new bands. The feeling is exactly like finding a treasure (okay, I'm not a pirate but I think I sorta know how it feels). You're just PSYCHED.

Here's what I do:
1) Listen to the track.
2) Google for more info on the band. If they have an odd sounding name, I usually get little to nothing. Which is frustrating.
3) Repeat track.
4) Share with other human beings via various social media platforms. Predominantly Twitter or Facebook.

Today's I Found A Band is: Tashaki Miyaki

Slightly disappointed I couldn't get much info except their bandcamp page. Thank God for Bandcamp! Apart from that, zilch. Maybe I should look harder. I get all kinds of vibe from this band. Best Coast, Summer Camp. Lo-fi, anyone?

To be honest, I've always been a bitch about covers. I've been holding a 'originals will always be better' stance since forever now. Recently I've been proven otherwise. Kept hearing covers that were actually worth listening to. Some were even as good as the originals, if I dare say. Now I'm open to covers.

Tashaki Miyaki's spin on the classic, All I Have To Do Is Dream by The Everly Brothers is lovely. It's like a lazy Sunday morning by the garden. You're sitting on the grass, sandwiches still in the picnic basket. You're settling down, just sitting there looking around. It's relaxing and you're calm. What a possibly lovely day!

The female vocals gave a slight spin to the track. It sounded current and fresh. There's a sense of pinning. The word that springs to my mind: forlorn.

I absolutely love this.

Tashaki Miyaki - All I Have to Do Is Dream by morrisday

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